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The Seismology Laboratory of Institute of Geomechanics, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences was establishment by Prof. Xiaofeng Wang (王小凤) with the experimental application of micro-earthquake observation in petroleum exploration in Qinghai, China in 2004. Now, we focuses on the studies of pure and applied seismology and geodynamics. For example, 3D lithosphere structure imaging by surface wave observations or body wave observations; 3D sedimentary structure imaging by local earthquake or micro-earthquake observations; activity of regional tectonics. / 伴随着王小凤研究员负责实施的利用微地震台阵进行石油勘探实验性应用工作于2004年全面展开,中国地质科学院地质力学研究所天然地震实验室由王小凤研究员组建。现在本实验室工作覆盖了基础和应用地震学和地球动力学研究和工作的很多方面。比如利用体波或面波观测对三维岩石圈进行成像;利用局部地震或微地震进行三维浅层结构研究;局部高精度构造活动性研究等。

The geophysical equipment pool includes ~150 sets of high-frequency and broad-band seismographs, also includes several sets of cold-mode seimographs for Antarctic studies. In 2010, 4 seismic stations (see below) are working in Antarctica. / 本实验室现有约150套高频和宽频天然地震观测设备,同时又数套专门用于南极天然地震探测的低温甚宽频地震设备。

Chinese Seismic Stations in Antarctica /中国南极内陆地震台

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